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Best Christmas Ever: Review

In hilariously ironic fashion, Netflix’s latest lethargic Hallmark ripoff, “Best Christmas Ever,” might be the most disposable Christmas-themed title I’ve ever seen. No matter how many B-tier actors or luminous Christmas lights shine onscreen, these distractions cannot hide the shockingly barren and charm-free final product that appears onscreen.

I struggle even to call “Best Christmas Ever” a feature film. There is a rough outline of a narrative here as we follow Charlotte (Heather Graham) and Rob (Jason Biggs), an aggressively milquetoast couple stuck going through the mid-life marital motions. In a bizarre twist of fate (or a dumb plot device, I’ll let you choose), Charlotte and Rob arrive at the home of college friend Jackie Jennings (Brandy Norwood). This anomalous occurrence sparks a week of mischievous pratfalls as the two families gradually rekindle over the holidays.

From there, the film becomes a never-ending treadmill, dispensing nonsensical comedic shtick and half-baked Christmas sentiments without considering their merits. Every facet here, from the Gap commercial visuals to the hackneyed screenplay, will only remind audiences of far superior holiday offerings. Not even the cast can inject much life into the proceedings. Showcasing Brandy Norwood’s effervescent charms is a fantastic foundation for any feature film, but the actress is awarded nothing to do within her thinly written role. Meanwhile, Heather Graham and Jason Biggs are constantly mugging for the cameras as the personality-free central couple.

I will conclude this by revealing my Christmas gift for readers — I reviewed the dreadful “Best Christmas Ever,” so now you can save time and avoid it at all costs!

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