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Taylor Swift: The Era's Tour Review

Taylor Swift. T Swizzle. President of Swifty Nation. These titles describe a pop culture phenomenon with unparalleled influence in our zeitgeist. Since emerging toward superstardom as a teenager, Swift has charted a rare vocal voyage, switching up her style and sensibility across numerous projects while establishing remarkable consistency throughout. An endless parade of Grammy awards and chart-topping tracks have all helped transform Swift from a famous musician into a singular cultural influencer. Just think of the waves of paparazzi documenting every place she visits, the people she travels with and, of course, the men she dates.

I am unsure if I would earn the Swifty distinction, but I enjoy her work. As a 26-year-old, it feels like Taylor has grown up alongside my generation. She began with wistful love songs that emanate the teenage spirit before defining her mark as an artist deeply connected to the sentiments of today.

Following the smash success of Taylor’s Eras Tour, audiences can now experience the epic concert experience on the big screen — without paying $500 plus fees to Ticketmaster! “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” certainly will not indoctrinate any nonbeliever with bad blood toward Swift. Still, for fans of her insightful perspective and dynamic catalog, this is a roaring and reflective event that will leave everyone in the audience shaking it off from one track to the next.

It is no surprise the production values of this concert adaptation pop on screen. Swift never runs out of style; she constantly implements roaring instruments and vibrant dance numbers that expressively heighten her tracks. Director Sam Wrench and his technical team showcase adept skill in manifesting the concert energy on screen. The varied lenses, intimate framing and free-flowing movements inject dynamism that few concert films can equal.

There are also sneakily resonant undertones to “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.” Indulging in a decade-plus Swift greatest hits collection often left me nostalgically feeling like I was 22 again, dressing up like a hipster, eating breakfast at midnight and making fun of my exes. If anything, I think this concert film serves as a great testament to Taylor’s immense impact on millions of adoring fans.


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